Since I’d like this blog to blend some of my personal life too, I thought why not talk about motherly issues such as when your son gets a bizarre haircut!

My son David is 19 years old and is currently studying Computer Engineering at university. He has always been an A student and his A-levels were Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. I’m very proud of him and I know that he can accomplish great things in the future if he puts his mind to it. However he is also easily influenced by peer pressure, and while at university he jumped into a bizarre trend known as the high and tight haircut.

From what I understand, the high and tight haircut is a hairstyle trend that is about having very short hair on your head and shaving or clipping the sides of the head. You are basically left with a small square of very short hair, just enough hair on the head to not be bald and that’s it. In some way it imitates the old haircuts of the Amerindian tribes like the Mohawk, and while I am open to fashion trends and hairstyle trends, there comes a point in which a hairstyle just look stupid and takes away from who you are. According to the quoted website, the high and tight haircut is a military haircut. Nobody else has a high and tight haircut, it’s just a haircut made for going to war. How on Earth that hairstyle trend came about in the UK, I have no idea, but it’s not the kind of extreme hair style that young men with a brilliant future ahead should be getting.

David is a handsome young man. Well I certainly say that in part because he is my son, but he is truly a beautiful man with the personality to go. He has great hair and looks very handsome with the short hairstyles that he has had until he came back during Christmas with that high and tight hairstyle. My husband and I have tried to convince him to grow the shaved parts of his head a little, but he simply won’t listen. He is even growing now a dirty-looking beard as part of this high and tight is to grow a long beard. I’ve also seen that trend here in Hendon and Newcastle.

I’m baffled at the extremes that young men will go to fit into a group and how they give in to peer pressure. Perhaps it’s again my side as a mother wanting to get back my handsome son and not some dirty-looking skinhead. He has also started smoking — neither my husband or I have ever smoked — and he got a weird spiral tattoo on his right forearm. Sigh…

Other than that skinhead haircut known as the high and tight, the shaving of half of his head while growing an unkempt beard and the tattooing and smoking, David has continued to get top grades at university. He is now in his second year and he has never failed to give anything less than Honours grades. In the meantime, my husband and I will continue to slowly try to convince him to go back to his wholesome and handsome looks. A worried mother can only hope so…



This is Luka, our Golden Retriever and one of the many dogs that we have!

Just like the rest of our dogs, we adopted Luka from an animal rescue centre. He arrived in the centre when he was just 6 weeks old and had been there for 4 weeks before we took him to our home. Luckily for him and his brothers and sisters, the whole litter was adopted in mere weeks!

One of my sons (James) lives in Twickenham and he visited the Twickenham Animal Rescue wanting to adopt a dog himself. However, when James sent me the pictures that he took of Luka in the rescue centre, I fell in love with the dog and we drove all the way from Hendon to Twickenham to adopt Luka. My son adopted one of his brothers too, and he frequently brings Luka’s brother to play with Luka!

If you’re interested in adopting a dog, please have a look at the Facebook page of the Twickenham Animal Rescue center!

Twickenham Animal Rescue center


I am a big believe in neutering foster animals that are adopted. It makes sense and you will be after all giving a much better life to the dog. Here is what Animal Care, a non-profit pro-animal organisation has to say about neutering.

We strongly recommend that all dogs should be neutered as it will prevent various illnesses, stop wandering, help to stop unsociable behaviour and prevent unwanted litters.

Male dogs can be neutered from 6 months of age. Bitches are usually neutered after their first season, although some vets will also neuter them at 6 months of age.

Dogs are very resilient and soon recover from the operation

Animal Care now neuters all cats and dogs before they go to their new homes or a special voucher is given to anyone who adopts a dog or cat who is unable to be neutered before going home (if they are too young for instance). This is why our adoption donations have had to be increased to help cover some of the costs involved with neutering. If you ring around the vets and ask how much it will cost, you will realise what a super offer this is. It really is the most sensible and responsible action to take.

If you have a cat that needs neutering please ring Animal Care on 01524 65495 for details of low cost neutering even if your not on benefits.


Here are some of the details on adoption from the Lancaster animal refuge. It goes through some of the important tidbits to consider when making the decision to adopt. It’s a good reminder.


1. All animals are available for immediate adoption apart from the Dogs. If you see a dog you would like to give a new home to, we want you to bond with the dog by visiting it three times, we then undertake a pre-check on your home to ensure it is the right home for the right dog, then you take it home over night to see how it fits into your lifestyle before finally adopting it. This all involves visiting the sanctuary at least four times within as shorter period as possible, so if you live further afield this could be hard and we have had people start visiting then give up, which is unfair on the dog.

2. As we only have four staff and a couple of volunteers who are able to do the checks it isnt financially viable to travel any further distance. Please remember we are a charity and have limited resources.

3. If any vet treatments, vaccinations or neuterings have not been done before a dog or cat goes home we issue a voucher for them to be undertaken ASAP. They have to be done by our vets who are based in Lancaster & Morecambe so it is unfair to make animals travel miles to and from vets when they have had treatment such as neutering.

4. There are rescue centres in other areas with animals desperate for homes so it is not ethical to encroach on their areas.

5. We hope to start checks for all our animals so we need to have these policies in place.

If you live in rented accomodation we do need a letter of permission off your landlord to say he/she is happy for you to have an animal on their property.


If we rehome any animal to a property where the landlord hasnt authorised it we may and do end up with animals being returned to us when the landlord finds out and that is very unfair on the animal and unsettles them greatly.


Whilst we cannot make a charge for an animal, we are allowed to recover our costs in the form of non-refundable donations from the public when an animal is taken for re-homing. The donations below help us to partially recover these costs and the ongoing costs of feeding the animals during their stay with us plus towards our vet bill (last year this was £24,000!). Any extra donations on top of the costs below would be gratefully appreciated.

Adult Cats
Full Vaccination, Neutering, Microchip

Full Vaccination, Neutering Voucher, Microchip, Next Worming Course

Dogs (over 6 months)
Full Vaccination, Neutering, Microchip

Puppies (under 6 months)
Full Vaccination, Neutering Voucher, Microchipped, Collar & Lead

Rabbits (Vaccinated against VHD)

Guinea Pigs & Ferrets

Hamsters, Mice, Rats, etc.


Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs have been actively campaigning against all forms of bloodsports for over ten years. As a group it has saved many animals from a cruel and unnecessary death, by using tactics which do not harm any animal, including the hunt’s horses and hounds.

We go out most Saturdays using available transport. Street collections, leafleting, pub collections and educational stalls are also done to raise funds and to educate the public about the barbaric practices of hunting.

Most of our groups activities are based in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, but we do occasionally travel further a field to join up with other groups in Somerset and Dorset. There are also other anti-blood sports groups in Torquay, Cornwall and East Devon.

We mainly sabotage ‘houndsports’, which is the hunting of an animal with a pack of hounds and not one or two dogs. The houndsports we mostly sabotage are: foxhunting, hare hunting and mink hunting. We also campaign against other bloodsports such as Stag and Deer hunting, Shooting, Hare Coursing, Badger Baiting, Fishing and Dog & Cock fighting.

Plymouth Hunt Saboteurs puts most of it’s efforts into SAVING animals lives, but when, as a group it has time, it takes on campaigns such as Council bans, laws to protect animals and the leafleting of hunt meets to gain support from anti-hunt residents.

We are also active with other local and national like-minded groups to make the public aware of all aspects of animal cruelty and promote a more ethical lifestyle.


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